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Middle Grade author Ingrid Law visited my library a few weeks ago.

What an awesome lady.

Our lovely Barnes & Noble Rep., Me, Ingrid Law

In her presentation, she spoke to my kids about her “writing toolbox.”  Of course, inside her box of tricks, she keeps conventional tools such as characterization, plot,  setting, etc.

Ingrid reminded us about the most important tool, courage. It took courage for her to write despite nagging self-doubt. It took courage to put her work out there. It took courage to keep writing in the face of many rejections.

Because she maintained a courageous outlook, she was able to write and champion a book which would someday become a Boston Globe-Horn Book and Newbery Honor Award winner.

That book is Savvy.

You should read it. In fact, I want to send you a signed copy. In the comments, tell me why you think courage belongs in the author’s toolbox. The most insightful, moving, funny, fabulous answer wins. I’ll send the autographed copy of Savvy anywhere in the US or Canada. I’ll announce the winner next week on February 23rd.

Hungry for more? If you’re like me, you’ll need a cup of courage. My favorite is this easy Hot Spiced Chai recipe.