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Let’s define, “DIVINE,” shall we?

1. of or pertaining to a god, esp. the Supreme Being.

DIVINE MISFORTUNE follows Teri and Phil a (not so) hapless couple trying to get by. Phil isn’t looking to win the lottery, he’d just like to score a lousy promotion. And Teri would like to catch a break for once.

But in a world where the pantheon of gods is not so mythological, it’s hard to get ahead without a blood sacrifice, an altar, and a little scratch to offer a working class deity.

2. addressed, appropriated, or devoted to God or a god; religious; sacred: divine worship.

So, despite Teri’s initial reluctance, they give the god game a whirl. They choose a deity from a web site and presto change-o, Luka the Raccoon God of Prosperity is ready to favor them.

Just call him “Lucky.” All he wants is to crash at their pad for a while.

And what’s a little immortal mayhem here and there, right?

3. proceeding from God or a god: divine laws.

While the new world order has put a stop to the random smiting of followers and the devouring of homesteads, Lucky and his fellow deities still have the power and muscle to make lives uncomfortable for those unfortunate mortals who fall out of favor.

Teri and Phil quickly figure out how tricky pleasing the gods can be. Soon, they’re hosting parties and taking in Lucky’s pal Quick (Quetzalcoatl), a down on his luck serpent god looking to move out from under his own personal PR nightmare–Conquistador massacre propaganda.

And that’s not the half of it. Lucky and Quick soon become the least of Teri’s and Phil’s worries. Before you can say Holy Valhalla, they’re in the middle of divine love triangle and grudge match.

4. godlike; characteristic of or befitting a deity: divine magnanimity.

In DIVINE MISFORTUNE, it’s hard to judge who’s more sympathetic. Both mortals and gods navigate the pitfalls of existence. Lucky’s just trying to get the girl, and Teri and Phil are just trying to pay the mortgage.

And everybody’s trying to dodge Gorgoz, the bloodthirsty god of chaos. Gorgoz has a score to settle with Lucky, and he doesn’t care who he has to crush to win.

And Gorgoz would really like a decent cable package, too.

Such are the dilemmas faced by gods and men.

5. heavenly; celestial: the divine kingdom. Extremely good; unusually lovely.

The author’s previous works deliver the goods, but DIVINE MISFORTUNE packs an extra special one-two punch of humor and gravitas. Sure, you’ll bust a gut laughing, but this book will pleasantly stimulate the ole cerebellum at the same time.

Like the Greek comic writer Aristophanes, Martinez spins stories which captures the heart and the imagination. With a wink and a smile, the reader is welcomed into worlds both familiar and strange, manifest and surreal.

DIVINE MISFORTUNE is no exception. Pitch perfect, it might well be Martinez’s best yet. At the very least, it is every bit as good as my own favorite of the author’s books, THE AUTOMATIC DETECTIVE.

7. being a god; being God: a divine person.

In short, DIVINE MISFORTUNE is marvelous–an ambrosial, entertaining novel.

8. of superhuman or surpassing excellence.

To paraphrase Aristophanes, “by words the mind is winged.”

So pick up a copy and take flight, already!

Hungry for more?

Try this recipe for Ambrosia Cake. With apples, cream and spices, it sings with flavor.

  1. Wow! Scarlett, how do you have time in your day to read–and make such amazing blog posts?! I think I’ll have to check-out Divine Misfortune (it was already on my read list, but this put it at the top).

    Thank you, Scarlett. Thank you.

  2. jmartinlibrarian says:

    I devour good books whenever I can, just part of my job. And if I don’t love em’, I don’t review em’.

    I truly did love this one, and I’m reading another good one RIGHT NOW!


  3. Jemi Fraser says:

    Sounds like a great book – not surprisingly – he’s a great author 🙂 love your review style – as always!! 🙂

  4. Thanks, Jemi. I love to review. Book talkin’ is one of my fave pastimes, to be sure! 🙂

  5. catwoods says:

    Miz Scarlet,

    You’ve outdone yourself on this review. I have a whole list of books whispering to me from your must read list! Thanks for another great intro to a book now on my must read list.

    Your style of writing brightens my day–to the point where it would be nice to drink in a daily post with my morning cup of coffee!

    Also, I wanted to thank you for Savvy. I got it yesterday and had just enough time to read the first couple pages. Eeek! I don’t think I’ve read such a great start to a MG novel in a loooooong time. I can’t wait to dive in–after hosting 20 plus for Easter and a Confirmation this weekend.

    Come Monday morning, my heart belongs to Savvy!

  6. jmartinlibrarian says:

    Miz Cat,

    Gosh can I just bask in the aura of your kindness? I’m all smiley since I read your comment. Glad you like the blog, and I so wish I could get to it everyday. Argh, real life just gets in the way too much. Maybe I should post three days a week?


    BTW, I thought Savvy was incredible. Hope you enjoy it too!

  7. Jemi Fraser says:

    Me again! I’ve got an award for you over at my blog 🙂

  8. moderndaystoryteller says:

    This book sounds awesome. Can’t wait to read it. Honestly Scarlett, where do you dig ’em up from? Oh, I forgot, you’re a librarian as well as international jewel thief.

  9. Holy cow, this sounds frigging awesome. So glad I came across your blog. Thanks for the review!

  10. If I had a dime for every time I came to jmartinlibrarian.wordpress.com! Amazing writing!

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