DFW Writers’ Conference: The Best Present

Posted: April 19, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Have you ever gotten a present so incredible, so meaningful, so awesome it almost made you cry?

Can you hear me sniffle? ‘Cause I just celebrated my birthday at the DFW Writer’s conference last weekend, and I got one of those gifts.


Friday night, my workshop friends arranged a little birthday bash in our hotel room. The regular gang was there, plus even a few super fab agents. Oh yeah. We had cake.

So then, my friends Alex and Sally bring a present wrapped in rock and roll wrapping paper. (Yeah, they know me too well.) I rip the paper off and this is what I see.

Scarlet Whisper Stalks the Stacks

As you can see, Sally is a very talented graphic artist and illustrator. I’m so grateful to have a custom, signed print of SCARLET WHISPER! And how cool is this caption?

And don’t forget, I owe Alex, too. After all, he is the guy who pulled my alter ego’s name out of thin air. At IHOP. Of course.

In short, the DFW Writers’ conference was unforgettable in many ways.

How about you? Has anyone ever gone above and beyond to give you a memorable gift? Tell me about it!

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  1. Jamie says:

    Some day when she writes famous children’s books everywhere, you will have the first scarlet whisper print!

  2. jmartinlibrary says:

    Exactly. And I can’t wait for that day!

  3. I don’t even know what to say! It’s such a good illustration and it captures the essence of the Scarlett Whisperer so well! And it fits you like nobody’s business.

    • jmartinlibrary says:

      Wouldn’t it be fun if she DID write a Scarlet Whisper picture book. We would soooo have a kickin’ launch party, right?

  4. Ann says:


  5. Jemi Fraser says:

    That is incredible!!! Definitely deserving of multiple exclamation marks!!! 🙂 lucky you 🙂

  6. ChristaCarol says:

    Sally is so freakin’ talented! Such a great bday present. It was a total magical weekend.

    • jmartinlibrary says:

      And you girl, I can’t believe your birthday is one day after mine. If I’d have known, we’d have had a double celebration! 😉

  7. Um, no. My entourage is kind of lame that way. BUT I wanted to say ‘Happy Birthday’ and congrats to having such thoughtful pals! That’s awesome:)

  8. catwoods says:

    Happy belated birthday! It sounds awesome on many levels.

    My most thoughtful gift was from my MIL. One birthday she gave me a writer’s journal, a candle holder with inspirational words on it, a teacup, silver tea spoon, assorted teas and a daily inpsiration calendar for writers.

    Oh yeah, I was on cloud nine that she took the time to make the gift so me-centric!

    Thanks for sharing your awesome present!

  9. What an awesome present. I really like that style of illustration.

    One of my most thoughtful gifts was given to me by my husband while I was down at the DFW conference, actually. He knew I was nervous about my agent pitch the next day so he bought this cool bracelet with little green rocks on it (I guess they mean good luck) and a silver charm that said “follow your heart.” I totally kept looking at it during my pitch…kinda like Dumbo’s magic feather lol.

    • jmartinlibrary says:

      How thoughtful! You are very fortunate to have a spouse who “gets” what you do and shows support in a such a sweet way. Cool.

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