Posted: February 6, 2012 in Book Reviews
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Last year, I had the chance to read and review The Fourth Stall by Chris Rylander, and boy it took me by surprise. I expected a few laughs, but it ended up having pretty much everything I like in a good book–a good storyline, great characters, plus a surprising plot with action. Let’s not mention, the bad guys I loved to hate.

So you can imagine how excited I was to get my hands on an early copy of The Fourth Stall Part II. For newbies, the series is about a boy in middle school named Mack who solves the kind of problems you can’t go running to your momma about. Dealing with bullies? Need test answers, favors, or advice on playground espionage? Mack’s the fixer, and he rules the school from his clandestine office in the fourth bathroom stall.

Sometimes, sequels are a letdown, and Mack’s first book ended so well. I was worried this one wouldn’t measure up. Turns out I had nothing to fear–part two is terrific. The bad guy is even bigger, and the stakes get even higher for Mack. An evil, standardized test loving vice principal wants to put Mack out of business. Permanently. Good thing Mack has a few tricks up his sleeves, and also the help of his right hand man Vince and his minions Joe and Fred. It takes the whole crew to stop the testing madness and uncover all sorts of sinister secrets in the school. (Like that line? My mom calls that alliteration.)

Trust me, you wanna read it. It’s too funny and fast-paced to miss. A solid read for wise guys like me.

And lucky for you, Walden Pond Press wants to give one blog reader a copy of The Fourth Stall part one AND Part Two! All you gotta do is give this eleven year old reviewer a comment below. I’ll pick a random winner–the contest is open until midnight, Monday, February 13th!

  1. gwen hayes says:

    So I don’t want to enter the contest, but I want to tell the reviewer what a great job he just did! Reviewing is really hard for me–and I write books for a living! It’s a difficult skill, one I’ve not really acquired.

    If I like something I LOVE it and I couldn’t tell you why–same goes if it didn’t work for me. I’m so glad that there are people who review well, like you, because it’s so helpful to readers like me looking for a good book to read…especially if it’s a gift for someone and a genre we don’t normally read. See, if I had a middle grade reader on my gift list right now, I would know exactly if this book would appeal to him or her based on the professional, critical review I just read. Bonus points for alliteration.

  2. Sara McClung says:

    What a fabulous review!!! No need to enter me, as I have both of these–but based on this review I can tell you this: they are flying up WAY higher in my to be read queue. 🙂

    This series sounds hysterical, right from the title. Now that I know the insides are just as fun–and funny? I’m SOLD.

  3. I am so glad to hear the book two is just as good as the first, which I just finished last week.

    Love your review and it definitely has me excited to read part II. Thanks for the super giveaway. =)

  4. This is an incredibly well-written review, in and of itself, but for an 11 year old? I’m blown away! Most of my high-school students don’t write this well. Thank you for sharing your comments in such an articulate and intriguing way. This post will most certainly inspire my 7-year old son; he loves to tell all about the books he reads. If you keep reviewing, I’ll keep reading!

  5. nalyn2001 says:

    Ok I really want to win this. Not only was the Fourth Stall an amazing book, but had awesome moments of action. At the end I was litteraly jumping up and down yelling “WIM MAC!” When I finished the book, I started it all over again. I just had to read it again. I think this will be a GREAT oppertunity for me to get a copy.

  6. Allison Gay says:

    I have been looking for some books for my son to read as he is one to not love reading as much as his math. I found this book on a book list giving the top books for kids for ages 9-11! I thought great, a kid who helps take care of business in the bathroom at school is right up my son’s alley. Then I found this review and does nothing but make me want to have these books for my son to read!! I think he would enjoy the books!!! Ummm, I may read them too!! 🙂 Thanks for a great review and peeking my interest to want to have these for my son and will definately pass down to my daughter when he is done with them!!

  7. nalyn2001 says:

    Okay, I’ve been thinkin’

    They should make a 3rd one.
    Now I know this book came out and I understand that, but
    it would be really cool to have a 3rd onme


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