Librarian, writer, Beatlemaniac

Librarian, Writer, Beatlemaniac

I am a writer represented by Sara Crowe at Harvey Klinger Agency. My debut YA novel, TRACKED, will be published by Dial, an imprint of Penguin Books for Young Readers.

I’m also a school librarian, a baker, and a certified electric-guitar-rawking Beatle-maniac. I’d eat chocolate cupcakes, listen to Abbey Road, and tap away on the keyboard all day long if I could.

I’m all about pushing great books, sweet bites, and fresh tunes. If you’re a reader, tell me what books you enjoy.  If you’re an author, I’d love to review your book. If you’re a glutton, let’s meet at the bakery and binge on eclairs!

I’m drawn to all areas of bookish life. As a librarian, I’m a member of ALA, TLA, and AASL. As a writer, I’m a member of DFW Writer’s Workshop who presents at conferences and occasionally teaches writing for UTA’s continuing ed. program. As a Beatle-maniac Baker, I belong to the imaginary Fab Four Stickybuns Society.

Let’s Binge!

e-mail: jmartinlibrary@gmail.com

twitter: @readjennymartin

goodreads author page

tumblr: jmartinlibrary

Someday, our girl-power author band, CHAIN MAIL BIKINI, will get it together and tour. WANTED: Drummer, semi-insane, mad skills required.

  1. Hello,

    I’m Tracie and I was just wanting to write and tell you that I have read your reviews on Amazon and I think they are amazingly insightful, especially your review of Twilight’s 4th book, Breaking Dawn. I’m not kidding, you managed to write EXACTLY, nearly word-for-word how I felt about that book. I was completely and utterly disappointed, for many reasons really. It actually disgusted me enough for me to write my own piece of fanfiction, if you will, about how I think the 4th book should have been played out. I only just started it a few weeks ago and between working full time, 3 kids, boyfriend, etc etc, I get to it when I can get to it but it’s definitely something I’m feeling passionate about right now. I simply can’t let the series end like that, even if no one else reads it but me and my girls (they’re teenagers), that would be enough for me I think. However once it’s more or less completed, and if you’re open to it that is, I would like it if you would give it a once over and give me some honest, albeit, kind opinions. I’m about six chapters in and I’ve got tons more story to go of which I’ve outlined, so I just need to connect the dots more or less. There is virtually nothing of Ms. Myers’ original book in my story, it’s all me. In fact I refuse to read anyone else’s fanfiction because I don’t want to pollute my mind or inadvertently take someone else’s ideas. I’m not published but I would like to be one day with my own stories. I feel compelled to finish this and I’m actually using this as a means of getting myself used to the idea of writing my own book. This is good practice I think and probably the only time I’ll ever re-write someone else’s book, even though I’m having all kinds of fun! I just wanted to throw in my 2 cents and say how I appreciated your reviews, etc. Thanks for reading this !

    Much appreciation,

    • jmartinlibrarian says:

      Tracie, I’m glad my review struck a chord. I read and critique with partners through DFW Workshop and Agent Query. I’m happy to look at the first few pages, but I highly recommend that you join an online or in person Writing Workshop or Critique group. At Agent Query Connect, a free online writers’ site, you can trade feedback with many other writers of all genres and experience levels. I’m a member and I check in once a week or so. There are some great folks who really know the craft and are willing to help new writers. You can register and post pages, queries, etc. at:

      Glad you’re starting your own writing journey! Best Wishes…

      🙂 Jenny

  2. I REALLY enjoy your blog and will paste in the “truffle” recipe that has school staff asking when I will be bringing them in for their annual gifts. They are SO easy and so rich. This year my principal came down to help me finish up in time by rolling a few in walnuts and sprinkles:

    •Melt a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips (12 oz., about 2 cups).
    •When almost melted, stir until smooth.
    •Take off the stove and stir in a cam of Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk (NOT evaporated milk) and a teaspoon of vanilla. You can also use a tablespoon or so of your favorite liqueur.
    •Refrigerate until hardened (a few hours at least, overnight better).
    •Take a teaspoon of the fudge, roll between your palms until sticky, then roll in your favorite toppings: sprinkles, cocoa, finely chopped nuts, coconut.

  3. Susan James says:

    HI. I just read your comment at Kidlit and saw that you were going to be at the DFW convention. I am too. Perhaps we could meet? I tweet as susiebj.

    I grew up listening to Beetles songs. My brother and sister owned every album and had many of them on 8track in our car. Tells you how old I am. I also really love Fleetwood Mac.

    I taught for 7 years and always wished I’d been the school librarian instead. Libraries are my favorite place to be.

    • jmartinlibrarian says:

      Susan, so glad to “bump” into you. I’d love to catch up with you at the conference. Yes, the school library gig is cool. I love my kids and my teachers. It’s a fun job.

  4. Claudia Gibson says:

    Hi, I’m a HS librarian and enjoyed looking at your blog. I love the illustration “platebooks” and would like to use it in some room signage. Do you know who the artist is and/or whether it is copyright protected? Don’t want to infringe on anyone…

  5. Claudia: When you click on the pic, it links to the originating site. Hope that helps!

  6. Anita Howard says:

    Hey there. I love your blog (I used to be a middle school library clerk) and your recipes rock!

    I was just a little confused because you have posts that say you’re repped by Mary Kole, but on your about page it says Sara Crowe is your agent. Did you switch agents / agencies?

    I’m only asking because I’m in that transitional phase, parting ways with an agent due to creative differences and trying to find a new one who gets me. I was wondering if it was a hard and arduous road for you, or if the transition was pretty easy? It doesn’t look like it took you very long to find new representation.

    I hope this isn’t too personal. If it is, no need to answer.

    Thanks! Anita

  7. M Saad Rehman says:


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