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Last year, I had the chance to read and review The Fourth Stall by Chris Rylander, and boy it took me by surprise. I expected a few laughs, but it ended up having pretty much everything I like in a good book–a good storyline, great characters, plus a surprising plot with action. Let’s not mention, the bad guys I loved to hate.

So you can imagine how excited I was to get my hands on an early copy of The Fourth Stall Part II. For newbies, the series is about a boy in middle school named Mack who solves the kind of problems you can’t go running to your momma about. Dealing with bullies? Need test answers, favors, or advice on playground espionage? Mack’s the fixer, and he rules the school from his clandestine office in the fourth bathroom stall.

Sometimes, sequels are a letdown, and Mack’s first book ended so well. I was worried this one wouldn’t measure up. Turns out I had nothing to fear–part two is terrific. The bad guy is even bigger, and the stakes get even higher for Mack. An evil, standardized test loving vice principal wants to put Mack out of business. Permanently. Good thing Mack has a few tricks up his sleeves, and also the help of his right hand man Vince and his minions Joe and Fred. It takes the whole crew to stop the testing madness and uncover all sorts of sinister secrets in the school. (Like that line? My mom calls that alliteration.)

Trust me, you wanna read it. It’s too funny and fast-paced to miss. A solid read for wise guys like me.

And lucky for you, Walden Pond Press wants to give one blog reader a copy of The Fourth Stall part one AND Part Two! All you gotta do is give this eleven year old reviewer a comment below. I’ll pick a random winner–the contest is open until midnight, Monday, February 13th!

Hi. This is jmartinlibrary’s 10 year old kid.

So this review isn’t done by some looney forty year old. Not my mother, of course, you weirdo. My mom isn’t anywhere near 40, and she isn’t looney, either.


I loved THE FOURTH STALL by Chris Rylander. It’s great for kids (Ha! Take that, children!) ages 10-14. It’s 314 pages of awesomeness. So… 4 ½ stars. It was really cool, one of the funniest books I’ve read in a long time.

Wait…(shuffles through papers) I forgot. The book is about a guy named Mac, “Mom, I’m not doing another book report.” who solves problems. Then he gets into this Hullabaloo (I quote,) with this guy named Staples. And then Staples has a fight with Office Max. But not really. So it’s kind of a “mob” war between Staples and Mac’s groups. It rocks my socks. Read it.

Oh. Wait.I didn’t tell you where the story happens. See, Mac and Staples and all those people aren’t grownups or boring high school kids, either. They are 7th graders. See, Mac takes care of business in the east wing bathroom at his school. And by “takes care of business,” I don’t mean he is making a stink in there. He’s running a totally solid business empire from the 4th Stall.

My mom mostly made me add that last paragraph, FYI. She thought I wasn’t telling you enough about the story. She still doesn’t. Sheesh. Anyway, you should read THE FOURTH STALL, but not in the bathroom because well, that’s just nasty.

Anyway, I’ll make you an offer you can’t resist. Read this book and I’ll promise you’ll love it.