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Three judges unanimously picked our cheesecake worthy (and book worthy!) winner.


laurelwanrow’s sentence dazzled:

“The ghost drifted, a blond in a creamy chiffon gown, until she halted before me, leaned close and her lips met mine—mmm, cheesecake, my favorite.”

An e-mail was not listed by laurel’s username. If laurelwanrow will e-mail me at no later than Friday, September 25th, I’ll send the book to a snail mail address.

The judges also mentioned two honorable mentions. The Patrick Swayze sentence by Kendra is bittersweet, and Joel’s sentence, “I don’t have a ghost of a chance,” was quite witty. If laurenlwanrow does not claim the prize, we’ll have a runoff with these runner up entries.

Watch for my next post, coming tomorrow!